Power of Music

power of music

Music is influential in so many ways.

Sometimes it tells a story, sometimes it sets a tone and sometimes it creates a feeling. Many years ago Johnny G, an elite endurance cyclist, created Spinning® because he found that music changed his indoor training experience.  He would train with his bike in his garage on listening to music when he could not train outside. He noticed that the music would push him to work harder.  That was the beginning of the indoor cycling concept.  

Sometimes it’s a driving beat that can help someone go “that extra mile” and sometimes lyrics set the tone to help someone push harder.  Its amazing to see how music motivates, inspires,  encourages people to work to their potential because it helps to break through mental and physical barriers. The body is capable of doing more than most people think.  There have been many studies that have proven this concept.  These experiences can transcend into life. Our rides at MARVIL FIT are based on those concepts. We love inspiring people to dig deeper and bringing out the best in people.  As we say at MARVIL FIT, its not about being the best, it about being your best!!  Here are 5 inspiring tunes that will make you want to soar to your potential. Go ahead. Add them to your workout playlists and crush your goals. 

What's your favorite song?

-Chandelier by B.o.B.
-Remember the Name by Fort Minor
-Heart of a Champion by Nellie
-Surviving by Sondr
-Never Give Up by Sia


MARISELLA VILLANOIS the president and owner of MARVIL FIT. She has 20 years experience as a personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor and group fitness. She also hold a bachelors degree in biology and a masters degree in gerontology (the study of aging)  

Marisella Villano