5 Great Companies That Keep It In The US!


Make it in the USA

Making products in the US helps our communities in so many ways.  It directly impacts the community by creating jobs, but it also impacts the community indirectly too. Many local corporations, whether small or large do more by donating to local causes.  We have seen this in our communities with our local businesses contributing to fundraisers, schools, parks,  playgrounds and local non for profits (which include community outreach programs, animal shelters) that rely on the community for financial contributions.   Smaller business have no choice than to stay local, but bigger corporations have a choice.  When you buy a made or assembled in the USA product, consider it more than a trade war with other countries.  Instead, think of the jobs you help to maintain and the communities you help to support.  All of this helps our own economy in the long run, so lets support these companies.  Here are 5 great companies that are keeping it in the USA. 

Okabashi Shoes
Most comfortable sandals ever!!  This family owned and operated footwear business in Buford, Georgia employs over 200 people.  Their footwear is made from start to finish in their facility.  With so many cool, fun and cozy styles to choose from, you will end up stocking up on a few styles.  Aside from just so fun, they are made from recycled materials too.  You can even send back your old pair to have them recycled!   Okabashi also donates shoes to Souls4Soles, a great non-profit that delivers shoes to people in need all over the world and in the US!  What’s there not to love!  You can check out and purchase their cool styles at https://www.okabashi.com.

New Balance
Looking for a sneaker made in the USA?  New Balance offers a variety of styles made in the US.  The company reports a domestic value of 70% or greater in these products.You can check out some of their cool styles at https://www.newbalance.com/made-in-us-and-uk/

With fun and zany styles, this fitness apparel company will leave you wanting more!!  All apparel is handmade with love in their NYC!  It’s difficult to resist stocking up on their apparel.   Their skell and rainbow styles are really cool!  You can stock up for some great fitness styles https://www.terez.com or if you can live in the Hamptons, you can stop by and try out some of their items at MARVIL FIT. 

With beautifully dyed seamless activewear and very comfortable sports bras, you will be addicted to the NUX line.  Their reversible workout pants are a must!!  Made in the USA makes it a bonus!  Check out the NUX brand here http://nuxactive.com.

Action Wipes
In a pinch, have no water and need to get clean?  Try some Action Wipes.  They are equivalent to 25 gallons of water and help keep you clean and fresh until you can grab a shower.  We provide them at MARVIL FIT on those sweaty days(that’s everyday at MARVIL FIT) for a quick after workout wipe down.  The company has expanded to with a holistic skin care line.  The healing honey sticks are so soothing!  You can purchase Action Wipes and all their other great products at https://actionwipes.com



MARISELLA VILLANO is the president and owner of MARVIL FIT. She has 20 years experience as a personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor and group fitness. She also hold a bachelors degree in biology and a masters degree in gerontology (the study of aging).  

Marisella Villano