Power of Music

Music is influential in so many ways. Sometimes it tells a story, sometimes it sets a tone and sometimes it creates a feeling. Many years ago Johnny G, an elite endurance cyclist, created Spinning® because he found that music changed his indoor training experience. 

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Marisella Villano
Eat for Recovery

Have you ever wondered why it’s so important to eat smart after a workout? When you exert stress on your muscles, it damages the muscle fibers. Don’t worry this process is not permanent (yes you have to go to spin tomorrow). During recovery these fibers heal stronger than they were before. That’s how you are getting MARVIL FIT.

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Lynn Villano
The Beautiful Benefits of Exercise

There are plenty of reasons to exercise. For some, it’s because you booked a vacation at a beach destination or have an upcoming event, while others are focused on staying healthy overall. Whatever your motivation, there is no better time than the present. And, it’s not just your body and mind that will reap the rewards.

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Meagan Kelly-Doyle